Free Windows Registry Cleaner

Free Windows Registry Cleaner 2.0

Windows Registry Cleaner is an utility that scan and removes registry errors

Free Windows Registry Cleaner is an easy-to-use application that allows you to scan and remove registry errors from your computer. When you add and remove software and hardware on your computer, they cause your Windows registry to become fragmented, corrupted or full of errors. The results are: frequent error messages, slow start-ups, sluggishness, declining performance, system stalls, severe degradation in operating speed, unstable and frequent application errors and crashes, and, at times, even an inability to start Windows. If you are tired of blue screens, computer freezes, error messages and system crashes, download this 100% free and simple program that will fix this problems and you'll get your computer running smoothly again within minutes. .It also has back-up utilities, which means that if you or the program was to make an error, you can quickly and safely restore your registry to previous settings and reverse any potential damage that could have occurred without a back-up. Free Windows Registry Cleaner is very easy to install and set up. Once you run it, you will have a clean, smooth computer in minutes and without any cost.

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